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About Us


Houston is a major skateboarding city. We have it all: a vast urban landscape, and great skateparks. We also have a rich and unique skatebording history. From the 1980's until the early 1990's we had the Skate Park Of Houston who hosted the legendary Shut Up And Skate contests. Pro skateboarders from all over the world came here to develop their skills and to compete. This era spawned a whole new generation of skateboarders, and they have since kept the skate scene alive and growing.


    Today we have the North Houston Skatepark (Largest skatepark in North America), Jamail, EZ-7, Gulfton, and more. The cityscape is always changing with new skate spots appearing after old ones are torn down. You just have to look and ask around, and new discoveries and skate adventures can happen. You could skate here for a lifetime and still not experience it all.


    Houston Skateboards is inspired by the skateboarding legacy of Houston, Texas and provides the highest quality products for our city's skateboarders.



Dan MacFarlane Skateboarding Hall of Fame exhibit on Southwest News cover Houston, Texas


About the owner:

Dan MacFarlane was born at Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. He found skateboarding when he bought his first skateboard at the Westbury Sale, a large garage sale in Southwest Houston. From there he developed his skills around Southwest Houston and at the Skate Park of Houston.

At age 13 he was sponsored by SPOH as a team rider. In the following years he earned major sponsorships and did well on the pro circuit, before making Mentality Skateboards in 2003. Dan sponsored many Houston area skateboarders with Mentality. Most importantly he gave lessons to hundreds of skateboarders in Houston, passing his hard earned knowledge to the next generations. This instruction expertise led him to making the bestselling instructional video "Skateboarding Explained". Later, he released "Skateboarding Realms" which pushed the creative skateboarding movement with unique tricks and innovations. Recently Dan released his "Best Of" video which is mostly filmed in Houston.

Dan MacFarlane currently has 2 "Pro Ops" signature obstacles by American Ramp Company that are being installed around the world, is featured in the first ever Virtual Reality Skateboarding Video Game "Hover Skate VR", and was recently featured in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame exhibits "DIY: The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding" and X Games" History of Skate". 

Dan MacFarlane with Chad Muska Peter Smolik and Todd Huber for Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Dan MacFarlane in X Games History of SkateDan MacFarlane Southwest Houston drop in childhood photo featured in X-Games History Of Skate. 

Dan MacFarlane Oldskool skateboard bench by American Ramp Company

Dan MacFarlane Signature "Oldskool" Skateboard bench by American Ramp Company

Dan MacFarlane signature Snap ramp and Oldskool bench by American Ramp Company

Dan MacFarlane signature "Snap!” ramp and "Oldskool" skateboard bench in Muscat, Oman.