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Houston is a major skateboarding city. We have it all: a vast urban landscape and great skateparks. We also have a rich and unique skateboarding history. From the 1980's until the early 1990's we had the Skate Park Of Houston who hosted the legendary Shut Up And Skate contests. Pro skateboarders from all over the world came here to develop their skills and to compete. This era spawned a whole new generation of skateboarders, and they have since kept the skate scene alive and growing.

    Today we have the North Houston Skatepark (Largest skatepark in North America), Jamail, EZ-7, Gulfton, and more. The cityscape is always changing with new skate spots appearing after old ones are torn down. You just have to look and ask around, and new discoveries and skate adventures can happen. You could skate here for a lifetime and still not experience it all.

    Houston Skateboards is inspired by the skateboarding legacy of Houston, Texas and provides the highest quality products for our city's skateboarders.