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Houston Skateboards Custom Knife Giveaway!

Houston Skateboards has teamed up with Brad Roberson of Robee Customs to bring you this giveaway.

This one of a kind custom knife has a 3 1/2 inch blade. The handle is made from Brad Roberson's used Houston Skateboards deck. It includes a black handmade leather sheath.




18 or older entries, please. If you live outside of Texas, check your local knife laws before entering.

We have reached the limit and are no longer taking entries. 

The live drawing will be hosted on 

There will be an announcement on the Houston Skateboards Facebook and Instagram before it happens. 


  • Love it! 🤘🏼🛹 🔥

    Randy Van Aken
  • It’s absolutely beautiful!!

    Sarah Roberson
  • Super stoked bro! Looking awesome!

    Kyle Stevenson
  • Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jonathan Bargainer

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