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Houston Skateboard History On Display At The Texas Skateboarding Museum.

I am honored to be included, and the “Late 1980’s from Southwest Houston” story is about finding Parker Pool from my childhood home. In the pictures I’m skating Jeff Phillips Skatepark, my quarterpipe and street, and the Skate Park Of Houston. Thanks to my dad and brother John for taking the photos. John “Tex” Gibson is skating Parker Pool and those photos are mostly taken by Kim David Mills. If you are ever in the Dallas area make sure to stop by and check it all out. - Dan MacFarlane

Dan MacFarlane Texas Skateboarding Museum Skate photos

Late 1980’s From Southwest Houston by Dan MacFarlane  

Texas Skateboarding Museum entrance  

Jeff Phillips Texas Skateboarding Museum

Al Coker Texas Skateboarding Museum

Clown Ramp Texas Skateboarding Museum

Christian Hosoi Mark Lake Texas Skateboarding Museum

Skate Ball Texas Skateboarding Museum  

 Zorlac Skateboards Texas Skateboarding Museum

The Texas Skateboarding Museum is located at 4000 Elm St. Dallas, Texas 75226

Museum photos provided by Al Coker. 


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